The 2014 Columbia County Fire Convention was a big success. Kinderhook Elks served a chicken dinner to the attendees at the firehouse on Friday evening and on Saturday, after the parade through Kinderhook Village, approximately two thousand hot dogs were prepared and served.

A big 'thank you' to all the volunteers:

Alisha Silgato, Bob Cramer, Bob Hymes, Bob Sancomb, Chris Akers, Chris B, Dave Travis, Don Knott, Jack Novak, Janet Snyder, Jerry Shook, Larry Knott, Larry Longo, Leslie Clockel, Pip, Richard Fisher, Tim Cahill, Tom Miglio, Wally Brough, Whiskers. (Call Chris B if your name was missed.)



Grilling begins...


Time to flip the dogs


Tom preparing the hot dog assembly line


Alisha distributing the end product.


Bring your Sousaphone, get a discount


Volunteer work is fun!



The shadows are getting long but the hot dogs are still good!