As required by Grand Lodge Statute, our Lodge By-laws and House Rules are due for re-certification.  
The following changes have been proposed and will be considered for approval at our regular lodge meeting to be held on July 8, 2019.  
Members will have until the July 8th vote to make any comments or express any concerns on the proposed changes. Comments or concerns should be sent via email to the Lodge Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed to the lodge.  
Thank you.   

June 23rd at 11am to set up the dinning room for the Marvoulous Wonderettes Mucical Show. 

Tickets are on sale now,  Please contact Anne at 518.929.6174. 


Lots of amazing events coming this year!  Be sure to check in weekly for updates.

Click here -  Kinderhook Elks Upcoming Events


 Last Update:  May 28th 5/28



Members,  mark your calendars, we are moving the lodge meetings from 8pm to 7:30p for the next 2 meetings.
We are hoping, with this time change, we will have more members join us.  This is your opportunity to help the lodge advance with your fresh input and ideas.  See you there.  
We serve food after each meeting.   
Meeting dates for 7:30p time are: 
    June 10th