On Sunday, Kinderhook Elks initiated five new members. The ritual was performed by the PERs association. Thanks to State Trustee Steve Race and the PERs for an excellent job. Also thanks to Jim Yeager for filling in as Chaplain and John Deane as Organist. Thanks to Heather Samascott for organizing the refreshments.

Front L to R: new members Joe Scali, Jim Gaul, and Lillian Todriff, State Trustee Steve Race ER John Piddock, new members Steve Everett and Bruce Kruppenbacher, PDD Leo Buell.
Rear L to R: Loyal Knight Chris Bellingham, Jim Yager, PER Joel Dyslin, Lecturing Knight Anne Leiser, PER John Utley, PER Charles Cotsonas, PER Frank Maston, Trustee John Sundwall, Trustee Ben Lasher, Tiler Larry Knott, Inner Guard Rick LaCross, Trustee Richard Fisher, Esquire John Deane, Trustee Tom Miglio, PER Joe Laviano.

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