On Sunday, November 6th, four new members were initiated as members of the Kinderhook Elks. The ritual was performed as part of our annual visitation and was attended by dignitaries and members of other Lodges in the North Hudson district.

The four new members are:

  • Garrison Andros
  • Frank Campeta
  • Richard Usyk
  • Kellie Clark

At the completion of the ritual, the District Deputy commended the officers on their performance, having delivered the long version from memory with only minor errors.

Front: New members Garrison Andros and Frank Campeta, Secretary Jerry Shook PSP, District Deputy Larry Rowse, State Vice President Chris Akers, New members Richard Usyk & Kellie Clark.

Rear: Lecturing Knight Chris Bellingham, Treasurer Joe Laviano PER, Trustee Tom Miglio, Loyal Knight John Colgan, Leading Knight John Piddock, Chaplain Sharon Deck, Trustee Richard Fisher, Inner Guard Jean Engel, Esquire John Deane, and Tiler Larry Knott.


A fifth candidate, Andrew Jones, was unable to attend the ritual due to other commitments. However, he was initiated the following weekend at the Rensselaer Elks visitation.