Veterans from the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center were invited to our Lodge for a birthday celebration today. Since we can't throw a birthday party for each of them on their individual birthdays, we decided to celebrate all their birthdays together.

The Vets played games and socialized with members of the Lodge until lunch was ready. After a main course of roast beef or ham, mashed and scalloped potatoes, green beans and carrots, birthday cake was served. 

Before leaving, each vet received a gift of a lap blanket and a canteen book with coupons to be used in the store located in the hospital.

The cake, donated by Hannaford, was decorated with a photograph of the veterans taken at the end of their last visit. 

Many thanks to all those that made this event a success. Special mention goes out to Jeanne for the meal, John Deane and Rick Hambright for the music, and Jerry Shook, who applied for the grant that paid for the event.