Sunday December 7th: Kinderhook Elks performed the Ritual of Memorial Service. This most solemn of the Elks services was attended by over 30 people.

The guest speaker was Pastor Drew Paton from St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Spencertown. Drawing on personal experiences, he gave a moving lesson on living with the loss of loved ones and cherishing the things they leave behind for us.

Musical interludes were performed by Gary Strevell (keyboards) and Wendy Madsen (vocals).

The ritual was performed by the following members:

Exaulted Ruler:    PDD Leo Buell
Leading Knight:   PER Bob Hall
Loyal Knight:   (Lucky) Bob Cramer
Lecturing Knight:   PDD Carman Esposita
Lodge Esquire:   PER Joel Dyslin
Tiler:   Larry Knott
Secretary:   PER Chris Akers
Chaplain:   Chris Bellingham